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Cathryn Tonne

Associate Research Professormujer 400 o running Nuevo Blue Air de caja Tama 580519 5 Nike para 884498054413 Max Ivo Thunder Sin Zapatillas Fw1zqOTqW Contaminación atmosférica [email protected]
  • Perfil de Facebook de Cathryn Tonne

Cathryn Tonne is an environmental epidemiologist focusing on broad issues around the influence of the physical environment on health and health inequalities. Much of her research has focused on the health effects of air pollution from traffic and household sources.

She leads the European Research Council funded Cardiovascular Health effects of Air pollution in Telangana, India (chaiproject.org).

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She is currently a Ramon y Cajal Fellow (2017-2021). Her previous research has been funded by the US NIH, UK Department of Health, UK Research Councils (ESRC, NERC, MRC).

She trained in Epidemiology and Environmental Health at the Harvard School of Public Health (ScD, 2006). Prior to her doctoral training, she received a Master of Public Health, with a focus on environmental health, from Columbia University, and a BS in chemistry from UC Berkeley. She joined ISGlobal (former CREAL) in 2015 after several years in London, first at King´s College Environmental Research Group and then the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Lines of Research

  • Air pollution
  • Noise
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  • Cardiovascular health
  • Global environmental health

Main Publications

  • Ochieng C, Vardoulakis S, Tonne C. Household air pollution following replacement of traditional open fire with an improved cookstove. Sci Tot Environ. 2016.
  • Halonen J, Dehbi H, Hansell A, Gulliver J, Fecht D, Blangiardo M, Kelly F, Chaturvedi N, Kivimäki, Tonne C. Associations of night-time road traffic noise with carotid intima-media thickness and blood pressure: the Whitehall II and SABRE study cohorts. Environ Int. 2016..
  • Halonen JI, Hansell AL, Gulliver J, Morley D, Blangiardo M, Fecht D, Toledano MB, Beevers SD, Anderson HR, Kelly FJ, Tonne C. Road traffic noise is associated with increased cardiovascular morbidity and mortality and all-cause mortality in London.  Eur Heart J. 2015.
  • Tonne C, Elbaz A, Beevers S, Singh-Manoux A. Traffic related air pollution in relation to cognitive function in the Whitehall II cohort. Epidemiology. 2014.
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  • Tonne C and Wilkinson P. Long-term exposure to air pollution is associated with survival following acute coronary syndrome. Eur Heart J. 2013.
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